My Bible + Bible Study

July 18, 2018


Since we are friends here, I can be 100% honest & tell you when it comes to the Bible, I am at stage: beginner. And that's okay. I would like to think I know the basics of the Bible. What I mean by that, is I know how to find chapters, books, & verses & I know the general ideas behind major stories in the Bible.


I have to admit that I have always found the Bible intimidating. The size, the use of language, the lack of knowledge all play into the intimidation factor for me. If I was going to start studying the Bible, where would I start? Page 1? 


Around Christmas time of last year, Garrett & I had talked about getting Bibles that both of us could read & study& I thought that would be a great gift I could get him for Christmas. I, & I don't think he, had any idea the amount of different versions (what I've come to know as translations) of the Bible you can get: New International Version, English Standard Version, King James Version, Christian Standard Version, the list goes on & on. 


Picking out my Bible: [Let me first start out by STRESSING, everything in this blog is strictly my opinion. This is how I picked out my Bible and a Bible Study for me.] Okay, back to picking the right Bible. I absolutely love the CSB Bible I got. I more than love it ... I appreciate it. As mentioned earlier, one of the things that intimidated me about the Bible was the language. I questioned whether I would understand it or not. This CSB Bible, provides tons of "modern day" explanations (or study notes) of  each verse, which is what I appreciate  most about it. There are cross references on every single page, maps, definitions,  introductions to each book, timelines, definitions, tons of resources to help you understand every verse right there in front of you. 


The only thing I wish this Bible had, is more space on the pages for handwritten notes. As you can see by the picture below, I am a highlighter and note-taker. However, more space would equal less information so it's a give-and-take. 


I purchased my CSB Study Bible from Lifeway. Click here to check it out on their website. (Pst. It's on sale)


 Picking out my Bible study: I had been looking for a Bible study far before I had even decided to get Garrett & I Bibles for Christmas. Everything from beginner studies, to women studies, to couple studies, even kid studies. I had looked for both hard copy bible studies and on line studies. One day, I just happened to come across Jordan Lee Dooley's Bible study video on youtube. Once I clicked on the video, it led me to her channel, which in turn led me to her website, Soul Scripts. Her website is where I found the study I use now, Gal's Gospel Guide. There are 2 reasons, I decided to go with this study - it was geared towards woman and it was free. Plain & simple. 


The Gal's Gospel Guide is a 45-day free study. It guides through different chapters & verses & follows up with questions. You will be emailed the PDF which allows to simply refer to it as you go or, be like me, and print it out & make notes. I have to say that Jordan's bible study video also helped me a lot.


 The combo of this study Bible & this study is perfect for me. I highly recommend it to anyone whose like me and is simply looking for a place to start. I am however looking for other studies for when I finish this one. I'd be so appreciative of any suggestions you may have. (:  


Click here for the Gal's Gospel  Guide. Also, I have posted Jordan's study video below as well. 


Enjoy. Caroline 





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My Bible + Bible Study

July 18, 2018

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